The Quik Name Service (QNS) API is now accessible to users.'s update, released earlier this month, changed the NFT domain run by discovering utility-driven use cases of NFT domains and enhancing NFT domains to create a more alluring asset service.

With the debut of the Quik API, which focuses on integrating various released and unreleased features, it is certain to offer a new perspective on NFT domains and their applications.

This update is designed to discover ways to improve NFT domain use cases and how they are represented. Unlike traditional domains, which are basic website-based with no enhancement options, there are numerous ways to explore the NFT domain's benefits, uses, and incorporation due to its decentralized nature.

What is API?

The API is about integration and delivering a communicative experience across all features to access rapid Web3 transactions and services using NFT domains. The API allows users and companies (mostly) to access the data of accessible domain names, making it easier for them to integrate their use cases with their specifications.

When a developer has access to the data, it is simpler to use it appropriately and provide enhancements to the use case for the NFT domain.

Simply follow these SIMPLE steps to gain access to the API:

  1. Launch in the browser and select " Your Profile " on the top bar."
  2. Once open, scroll to the bottom and select "Edit Profile."
  3. Before moving further, ensure the email is verified; if not, add one and click on Save the email.
  4. Once saved, click on "Verify Now."
  5. Once done, the user will receive a verification code. Click "Confirm Now."
  6. Scroll down to the bottom to the "Request API Token."
  7. Once the email is verified, now back to profile settings, where the user can see the "View API Token."
  8. Open it, save it, and put it to use.

A Quik account with an Ethereum wallet attached, or the MetaMask wallet, is the minimum prerequisite for using the API. The first step in getting access to the API token is email verification, and once the user has it, they should save it for later use.

The user or business can request information about any specific domain name and access the data from using the API token. In essence, the API software is a messenger that sends requests and receives responses between apps for the user. It enables the components of two programs to communicate using a set of commands.

For instance: When a user uses the API to make a request, the API will return the appropriate resource if the server can fulfill the request. The data of NFT domains may now be requested by users and is now accessible to all Quik users, improving transparency and making it simpler to seek new NFT domain enhancements.

The API will also display an error message if the user requests a resource that does not exist on or that the user is not authorized to access. Users can access the data available to external clients through the API.


Users can access the information and domain names by entering the following parameters:

  1. "DOGE"
  2. "ETH"
  3. "BTC"
  4. "BNB"
  5. "SOL"
  6. "LTC"
  9. "NOTICE"
  10. "TWITTER"
  11. "URL"
  12. "DISCORD"
  13. "GITHUB"
  14. "REDDIT"
  15. "TELEGRAM"

For example: If the NFT domain is me.metaverse, a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet provider can utilize the API to request cryptocurrency addresses such as Ethereum, BNB, and others by using the API. For exchanges or other transactions, this makes it simpler for consumers to use NFT domains rather than wallet addresses.,ETH,[YOUR-UNIQUE-API-TOKEN]

Benefits of API

Using APIs provides the following benefits to the business or users:

The API will make it easier for users to use a standardized set of protocols for how interacts, which will streamline the way NFT domains function, allow users to test features and functionality, and assess their value and work more productively.

Furthermore, it establishes a standard method of transferring information and capabilities across the feature, improving transparency between and the individual or business accessing NFT domains on

Developers may concentrate on creating new tools and features that work with the API rather than redo work that has already been done using software components made available through the API. This provides the user with more value and makes the process even easier. Users can use the token to change, record, and save their API.

Developers are not always experts in everything, but APIs allow for integrating external expertise and focusing on the core areas since they manage half of the solutions. With proper usage, APIs may also be used to optimize websites and NFT domains for feature expansion. additionally offers several updated features for its users and is working to improve the web usage of NFT domains and the building of its websites. NFT domains will soon be widely used as decentralized technology is being widely adopted by many crowds, and the usage of web3 is increasing.

NFT domains are not a replacement for any existing tools; rather, they are a segment that can work in conjunction with all of them and signify utility rather than merely being a record-keeping asset.

Since decentralized technology is still in its infancy, users should take advantage of the opportunity to become acquainted with it. NFT domains will make it simpler for typical users to experience decentralized technology.

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